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The Terrarium was built and has operated as a no compromise studio. Owned and operated by Jason Orris since 1990.


Premium tools and facility 

With our large collection of vintage and modern instruments, amplifiers, and effects you can create any sound you can imagine. And in our incredible acoustic spaces with our 48-channel Neve VR, Studer 827 2" 24-track analog recorder, ProTools HD system capable of 48 i/o, and a large complement of vintage microphones and outboard gear we can record any sound you create.



  • Studio A was designed to top spec by Dave Ahl of Ahl, Inc, and Roger Darcy of Recording Architecture, LTD.

  • Neve VR 48 originally owned by The Grateful Dead.

  • Designed to accommodated full bands and small orchestras.

  • Full range of outboard processing including Neve, Api, Tube-tech and Urei.


Up-to-date studio with accurate monitoring 

Studio B is designed to be a top-notch mixing and mastering room with the ease of modern digital workflows. Powered by 12 cores of UAD DSP and hundreds of plug-ins, Studio B is a highly detailed and refined room with accurate monitoring that will take your mixes to the next level. 



  • Designed for Mixing, Mastering, and overdubs. 

  • Protools, 12 cores of UAD Processing

  • UAD, Waves, Soundtoys, Sonnox, Fabfilter and Izoptope Plugins

  • Barefoot Micro Main 27's with sub and Genelec 8351's

  • Comfortable and inviting environment 

  • Contact for availability  

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